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The Young Victoria,  the movie chronicles Queen Victoria's early rise to power, focusing on the romantic courtship and her legendary marriage to Prince Albert.  The film begins in 1836, the year before Victoria ascended the throne, and ends in 1840.

Who Was Queen Victoria?

"She was a fun-loving princess who endured an unhappy childhood, enjoyed the attentions of some of the most prominent men of her day and, for all her breeding, retained the common touch."


The history books tell us that she was the ruler of the United Kingdom of Great Britain from 1837 to 1901. Her time in power was the longest of any ruler in British history and came to be known as the Victorian Era. With this, we immediately conjure up all those images of a frumpy over-weight woman dressed in black; but now, with the motion picture, "The Young Victoria", we are presented with a different view of this dynamic British monarch.

Young Victoria

"The Young Victoria" chronicles the early, and often turbulent years, of a young girl who became queen of Great Britain. Victoria was a young girl of barely 18 when she was crowned, vivacious, fond of parties, and prone to flirting with the gentlemen of the court, and even her ministers. The film focus on her storied romance and legendary marriage to Prince Albert.

Martin Scorsese [American] and Graham King [British] have teamed-up again [The Departed, The Aviator and Gangs of New York] to retell the story of this famous queen with a little help from the outspoken Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson. The Duchess of York said, "I met Graham King and said, 'Why don't you produce a movie about Queen Victoria?' All people see of Victoria is a melancholy Queen in mourning, dressed in black. She should be remembered as a beautiful girl, skipping through the grass in bare feet. Hers is a wonderful love story."

Graham King told Variety Magazine, "We all think we know Queen Victoria from the latter part of her life, but in fact she was an amazing, dynamic, romantic personality from a very early age that is largely unknown. I had been searching for a British project for many years so I am just thrilled to bring her story to life.""The Young Victoria" is a prestige production with a big-budget and big stars. Scorsese co-produces.

The Story
Young Victoria
Photo by Liam Daniel

Andrew Roberts, the historian and broadcaster who has written extensively on the period, said: "This revision is long overdue. The character of the elderly widow dressed from head to toe in bombazine black is a travesty. When young, she was lovely, charming, humorous and passionate."

The film begins in 1836, the year before Victoria ascended the throne, and ends in 1840. Princess Victoria is portrayed as having no time for the pomposities of court life - playfully bathing her dog within hours of being crowned and dancing down a corridor after surviving her first privy council meeting.

Young Victoria Controversially, however, the movie will claim that as a child Victoria had been held under virtual house arrest by her scheming mother, the Duchess of Kent, who plotted to block Victoria's path to the throne so that she and the man she loved, Sir John Conroy, could become regents. Conroy is portrayed as the villain of the film. He was ambitious, clever, good-looking -- he totally controlled the duchess.

Prince Albert was purposefully chosen as a husband for Victoria over his less attractive older brother because it was known that Victoria was too much of a romantic and Albert was considered ideal for a woman who was determined to marry for love.

"What is interesting is that he fell for her completely. He came from a very dour German court and suddenly he was with this girl who was out for a good time. She loved dancing, music, riding."

Emily Blunt, of Summer Of Love, The Devil Wears Prada stars as the young Victoria. Emily Blunt has decided that her Queen Victoria won't be rigid and unsmiling - she'll be a wild child who, behind the scenes, lets her hair down.

Rupert Friend of Pride And Prejudice, The Libertine, Outlaw, plays Victoria's husband, Prince Albert. Jim Broadbent of Iris and Indiana Jones 4 will play King William IV, Victoria's uncle, whose 1837 death paved the way for his niece Victoria to accede to the throne. Paul Bettany, of A Beautiful Mind, The Knight's Tale and The Da Vinci Code, will play the adviser who helped Britain's Queen Victoria learn about government and politics. Genevieve O'Reilly, who played the title role in Diana: Last Days of a Princess, will play one of Victoria's ladies-in-waiting. Costume Designer for The Young Victoria is Sandy Powell. Sandy Powell has won 2 Oscars for The Aviator and Shakespeare in Love, plus another 6 wins and 21 nominations.


Blenheim Palace
Princess Beatrice

A Real Princess in "The Young Victoria" Film 

Princess Beatrice is an Extra

Princess Beatrice, who is fifth in line to the throne, appears in "The Young Victoria." Beatrice, 19, has a non-speaking role in scenes showing her great-great-great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria's coronation. Beatrice's gown was specially fitted and make-up checked by Academy Award winners Sandy Powell and Jenny Shircore

You Want Me to Film Where??
Producer Graham King admits that for a while he was under budgetary pressure to do some location shooting abroad, but he was adamant that the film would be shot in Britain.

"You can't shoot a film about a great queen of England in bloody Budapest or Bucharest - or at least I can't. Audiences aren't stupid. They travel, so they know an Eastern European landscape when they see one," King insisted.

Filming was completed on locations all over the UK, and Fergie has been vital in helping executives to meet with officials responsible for Kensington Palace and Windsor Castle. Westminster Abbey is on the list of desired locations. Permission has already been granted to shoot some of the movie at Blenheim Palace, Arundel Castle and Belvoir Castle.


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