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Queen Victoria WeddingQueen Victoria Wedding

Queen Victoria’s Wedding dress was of rich white satin, trimmed with orange flower blossoms. The headdress was a wreath of orange flower blossoms, and over this a beautiful veil of Honiton lace, worn down. Her Royal highness the Duchess of Kent and the twelve Bridesmaids were in attendance upon her Majesty at an early hour in preparation for Queen Victoria's wedding. The bridal procession from Buckingham Palace to St. James’s, where the ceremony for Queen Victoria's wedding was to be performed, begun to move through the triumphal arch at 12 o'clock. Experience a step-by-step account of Queen Victoria wedding celebration, a truly Victorian wedding. Details of dresses, procession, celebrations and food.


Royal Wedding Dresses

A unique collection of British royal wedding dresses featuring Princess Charlotte's wedding dress, an elaborate cloth-of-silver empire line dress embroidered with flowers and trimmed with Brussels lace worn by Princess Charlotte when married Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg in 1816. Also the silk satin Victorian wedding dress worn by Queen Victoria in 1840, when she married Albert Saxe-Coburg and the stunning wedding dress worn by HRH Princess Margaret when she married Lord Snowdon in 1960. This glamorous wedding dress comprised a fitted bodice and a full skirt of fine diaphanous silk.


Britannia blessing Bride and Bridegroom


Queen Victoria Wedding Cake

The royal wedding cake was covered with pure white sugar and the top featured the figure of Britannia in the act of blessing the illustrious Bride and Bridegroom, who were dressed in the costume of ancient Greece. These figures were not quite a foot in height. At the feet of HRH Prince Albert was the effigy of a dog, said to denote fidelity; and at the feet of Queen Victoria were a pair of turtle doves, denoting the felicities of the marriage state.

British Royal Weddings

Explore the tradition, splendor and romance of the seven royal weddings with the first official ‘Royal App’ about British royal weddings of the past. The Royal Weddings app tells the story of seven royal weddings, from Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1840, to TRH The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall in 2005.


Queen Victoria’s Wedding Bouquet and the Legend of the Royal Myrtles

The Fulham Palace gardens, called amongst the most important in England, are a combination of woodlands, meadows, lawns, and an enchanted eighteenth century walled garden with a wisteria pergola. Watching over this lush garden setting like regal goddesses, royal myrtle bushes are reminders of Queen Victoria’s wedding legacy of devoted love.  The young Princess, then, Queen Victoria was sensitive to the language of flowers and plants as well as to the magic and power of their fragrances. Her attention to detail when planning her wedding set many bridal customs in place that remain dear to us today, but did the twenty year-old bride know that the myrtle in her bouquet would help continue such a botanical legend?

Queen VictoriaHistory of Wedding Orange Blossoms

Through the centuries, brides have always worn some form of headdress during the wedding ceremony. Of all bridal customs and traditions, wearing a circlet, wreath or coronet of flowers or greenery on the head during the wedding ceremony is the one that seems to best represent the bridal legend, and be the most  consistent. But it was Queen Victoria who created the vogue for the sweet smelling blossoms when she wore them in a grand wreath for her 1840 wedding, and the classic floral theme for the Victorian bride was set.  The very influential etiquette journals of the 19th century dictated that every bride include the blossoms in her wedding.

Victorian Wedding - Make It Your Dream

iscover the romance of a Victorian wedding. Explore Victoriana Magazine wedding pages for all the resources needed for wedding planning. See Victorian wedding dresses and a gallery of wedding photography. Read about 19th century engagement traditions and bridal customs. Find ideas for wedding rings, wedding photography and wedding favors. Everything needed for a romantic Victorian wedding theme!

victorian couple Victoria & Albert: Art & Love

This exhibition is the first ever to focus on Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s shared enthusiasm for art. Bringing together more than 400 items from the Royal Collection, it celebrates the royal couple’s mutual delight in collecting and displaying works of art, from the time of their engagement in 1839 to the Prince’s untimely death in 1861. The exhibition also challenges thepopular image of Victoria – the melancholy widow of 40 years – and reveals her as a passionate and open-minded young woman. 

Give your wedding dress the royal treatment…

The 10,000 items in the Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection are given the best possible care, to ensure that they survive for many more generations to come. In caring for your own precious textiles, such as a wedding gown, it is important to apply the same basic principles to make sure no damage occurs.

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