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Queen Victoria CoronationVictorian Shoes - Queen Alexandra Silk Shoes
Part of HM Queen Alexandra's trousseau. These silk shoes were listed in a 1937 auction catalog.

Antique Purse - Gift for the Princess of Wales
An 1860s purse given to Princess Alexandra. This antique purse has tangible proof of the beginning of its life with the embossing of the date and ownership.

Royal Wedding Dresses
Unique collection of British royal wedding dresses featuring Princess Charlotte's wedding dress, an elaborate cloth-of-silver empire line dress embroidered with flowers and trimmed with Brussels lace and the silk satin Victorian wedding dress worn by Queen Victoria, plus more.

Queen Victoria's Underwear
Photos and information about the Queen's unmentionables.

Auctioning a Queen's Wardrobe
Auction catalog with descriptions and pictures of Queen Alexandra and Prince Edward's royal garments during the height of Victorian fashion.

the young victoriaQueen’s Unmentionables Up for Sale
A pair of Queen Victoria’s stockings was part of a fine antiques sale at Lyon and Turnbull in Edinburgh. Collecting Victorian royal memorabilia has been an enthusiastic pursuit of collectors for over a hundred years, but why the enthusiam for collecting Victoria’s undergarments?



Queen Victoria Revealed as Vivacious, Fond of Parties, and Prone to Flirting
For those fascinated with the Victorian era and Victorian costume with added special features including featurettes of Victoria’s wedding and coronation, plus a special look at the costumes and palace locations.

Victoria & Albert
A focus on Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s shared enthusiasm for art. Bringing together more than 400 items from the Royal Collection to celebrate the royal couple’s mutual delight in collecting and displaying works of art, from the time of their engagement in 1839 to the Prince’s untimely death in 1861.

Queen Victoria’s Brooch – A Family Heirloom
A gold, enamel and garnet bodice brooch from 1830 that belonged to Queen Victoria.

Royal Box of Bonnets
A mahogany bonnet box believed to have belonged to Queen Victoria’s children was discovered at a home in Staffordshire England.

Queen Victoria Wore Her Daughter’s Tooth on a Brooch
When Princess Vicky lost her first milk tooth, a special piece of jewelry was created featuring the tooth. The tooth forms the flower of a gold and enamel brooch fashioned in the shape of a thistle.

Give your wedding dress the royal treatment…
The 10,000 items in the Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection are given the best possible care, to ensure that they survive for many more generations to come.

Victorian Wedding - Make It Your Dream
Discover the romance of a Victorian wedding. Explore Victoriana Magazine wedding pages for all the resources needed for wedding planning. See Victorian wedding dresses and a gallery of wedding photography. Read about 19th century engagement traditions and bridal customs. Find ideas for wedding rings, wedding photography and wedding favors. Everything needed for a romantic Victorian wedding theme!

Doll Dressed by Queen Victoria’s Daughter
The doll was dressed for a bazaar in London in 1868. The doll wears a beautiful long white cotton and lace dress with a pink satin underskirt, layers of underclothing and a ribboned bonnet.

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